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The first foreign subsidiary of Voith was founded in St.Pölten, Lower Austria in 1904.
For over a century the company has been providing sophisticated technologies and services for the markets of hydropower, paper, transport and automotive. We focus on energy and resource efficiency in both the manufacturing and use phase. Our goal is to create continuously more efficient product generations.

Voith Turbo - mobil, innovative, eco-friendly 

Voith is one of the leading suppliers of mobility technologies and services in the transport and automotive market. Day after day, Voith Turbo contributes to moving millions of people, goods and machines reliably.Many freight and passenger trains around the world operate with our products, components and systems.

Rails make the connections - we provide the technology. Our products for rail travel help you keep up with the times. Greater efficiency through higher speeds, greater comfort and exceptional reliability.Our product spectrum for buses, trucks and agricultural machines includes automatic transmissions, retarders, vibration dampers, TurboCompound Systems and air compressors. 

Voith Turbo in St. Poelten


Voith Turbo Vertriebs GmbH

& Co KG

Linzer Strasse 55
3100 St. Poelten

+43 2742 8060


Voith Digital Solutions. Engineering for the age of digitization

Increasing connectivity and digitization will revolutionize the way industries are developing, producing and delivering products and services, which will become smarter, more effective and efficient. Industrie 4.0 will result in higher productivity and offers major opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers and customers.
Voith Digital Solutions in St. Poelten


Voith Digital Solutions Austria GmbH & Co KG

Linzer Strasse 55

3100St. Pölten


+43 2742 806 22333


Voith Paper – A Pioneer in Paper Making

A world without paper? Unthinkable. Paper is an information carrier, an educational medium, a practical packaging material and an element of personal hygiene. Voith offers its customers technologies and services for the entire paper production process. Newspaper or kitchen roll - the world's paper mills produce on Voith machines.

Voith Paper in Frankenmarkt Voith Paper in Laakirchen-Oberweis Voith Paper in Wimpassing


Voith Paper Rolls GmbH

& Co KG

Maretgasse 45
2632 Wimpassing

+43 2630 369 000


Voith Paper Rolls GmbH

& Co KG

Kernstrasse 1
4664 Laakirchen-Oberweis

+43 7613 5770


Voith Paper Fabrics GmbH
Voithstrasse 1
4890 Frankenmarkt 

+43 76 84 85 210


Voith Hydro - full-line supply for hydropower plants  

Voith is one of the world's leading suppliers of hydroelectric equipment, technology and services.  As a full-line supplier, our portfolio of products covers the entire life cycle of new and existing large and small hydropower plants. We offer turnkey plant solutions applying to both the field of power generation and the area of storing electric power. We offer stand-alone solutions for the plant automation as well as lifetime services for all types of hydro equipment.

Voith Hydro in St.Poelten Small Hydro in St.Georgen


Voith Hydro GmbH & Co. KG

Linzer Strasse 55

3100St. Poelten



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Voith is a global provider of leading-edge technology and industrial services. Voith offers its Austria customers a broad portfolio of systems, products and services that serve the five essential markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive in Austria.

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