Corporate Technology

Cutting-edge technology from Voith

Voith is a leading provider of hydroelectric technology and a full-line supplier for hydropower plants. The company owes its place to over one hundred years' experience in developing innovative technologies.

More than 300 engineers work in research and development at its five locations worldwide. Generators, turbines, shut-off valves, control and regulation technology are all developed here.

Heidenheim, Germany

The Brunnenmühle at the company's headquarters in Heidenheim, Germany is Voith's research and development center for generator and turbine technology. Extensive model tests on new systems are carried out in the Brunnenmühle’s modern laboratory.

Noida, India

In Heidenheim, as well as in Noida, near Delhi in India, work is being done on topics from the area of basic system development, as well as on modern solutions for automation systems and innovative methods for system planning and integration.

Shanghai, China

Our competence center in Shanghai performs the system engineering of main inlet valves for both the markets of Voith Hydro Shanghai as well as for international markets of other operating units. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil & Västeras, Sweden

Generator research and development is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in Västeras, Sweden. The engineers in Sao Paulo specialize in the development of insulation systems for the global market, as well as the redesign and modernization of generators in America. In Västeras, the competence centre is focused on the modernization of generators for the European market.

York, USA 

In York, USA, the research and development focuses on the development of turbines and the modernization of older power plants. The first fish-friendly turbines have been developed here. The expansion of weirs into hydroelectric power plants has an important role in the USA.