Green Technology

Paper for a Sustainable World

The Future - Efficient and Eco-friendly

Voith is the technological leader for efficient, resource-saving paper production. Using new processes and concepts, the company is working intensively on the paper production of the future.

Every child knows: recycling waste paper protects the environment. More recycled paper means lower consumption of valuable raw materials such as virgin wood fiber. And most of all: using waste paper means that up to seven times less water and energy are used.

No Old Hat: Paper Turns into ... Paper

Voith is a pioneer in waste paper preparation. After developing the technology decades ago, the company was the first to make the production of paper from waste paper actually possible. Since then, Voith engineers have continually improved and refined the process. By now, Voith even has the technology for producing high-grade paper from waste paper. At the moment, the share of recycled fiber is at about 50 percent worldwide. If the industry succeeds to increase this share to 70 percent, the rising demand for paper over the forthcoming ten years could be met without using additional virgin fiber. An ambitious plan. But quite realistic with Voith technology.

Sustainably Soft: High-Quality Tissue Papers from Recycled Fiber

Machines with ATMOS technology need just 60 percent of the energy of comparable plants.

Without tissue papers, our daily life would simply be unthinkable: be it pocket tissues, hygienic papers, napkins or kitchen roll. With ATMOS, Voith has revolutionized the manufacturing process for these papers. For the first time, premium quality tissue can now be produced from 100 percent recycled paper. Until recently, the maximum percentage was 20. And: machines with ATMOS technology need just 60 percent of the energy of comparable plants and require a quarter less fiber. ATMOS was developed in inter-continental cooperation between Voith engineers in Brazil and Germany.