Stabilization with unsteady web run or web flutter

The S-Stabilizer stabilizes the web if there is a turbulent web run or edge flutter in the two-tier dryer section. In addition, the frequency of breaks is reduced due to the supported web run.

The S-Stabilizer stabilizes the paper web in the area of the dryer fabric. The dryer fabric guide roll is moved asymmetrically until it dips into the paper web. The number of breaks can therefore be reduced, and machine availability increased.

The paper web is stabilized through the use of a vacuum. It is created by means of an ejector effect behind the dryer fabric in the stabilization zone. The vacuum can be set manually through a hand flap in the air supply duct. The MultiSeal mechanical seal prevents the boundary air layer carried along with the dryer fabric from getting into the stabilization zone. Air knives seal on the sides to compensate for the deflection of the dryer fabric. In addition, there is a seal toward the roll.

The S-Stabilizer is used in two-tier dryer sections and allows an increase in speed due to stabilization of the web run.


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