Dual Studies

Dual Studies

As a dual student, you will alternate between practical and theoretical teaching phases. You will gain the required theoretical knowledge and be able to implement it immediately during the practical phase.

During your studies you get to know your company and are able to build successful networks right from the start. A training contract guarantees a reliable partner during your training and financial independence during your studies.


Your Possibilities

If you would like to study dual at Voith, there are two possibilities. Either studying at the Corporative State University or in combination with a training at another Univeristy.

The study cources at Corporative State University will enable you to gain 210 Credit Points during six semester, that are 30 extra Credit Points for the practical phases. With the other dual study modells you will gain a double qualification, that consists of an IHK Chamber of Commerce skilled worker's certificated and a university degree as Bachelor of Engineering, within four to four-and-a-half years. The completed training will enable you to think outside the box in your future job and use your special knowledge to master the challenges of your project in terms of production, inspection and service.

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"The best part of my study is, that I get an insight into the various divisions and departments during my practical phases."

Josephine van den Woldenberg, Bachelor Student Mechanical Engineering


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