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Graduates at Voith

Make an impact on the future!

Kick-start your career

As a graduate, there are two ways for you to start your career at Voith: Enter the Global Graduate Program (GGP), or opt for an entry-level position.

What I really like about my job is that I get to know countless different customers, especially when I travel around the whole world. My favorite continent to explore is Africa.
Jasper Wang, Regional Sales, Africa Market Team

Why you should start your career at Voith

    As an international company of 19,000 employees, Voith offers career opportunities in 4 group divisions, 5 markets, and over 60 countries.

    Benefits of a career at Voith

    • Mentorship for smooth integration into new work environments
    • Flexible hours for a better work-life balance
    • Comprehensive career-development support at all levels
    • Diverse and inclusive global community
    • Focus on in-company promotion
    • Leadership programs

    I’d definitely choose Voith again, if given the choice again today.
    Sarah Masurke, International Business

    Exceptional careers for exceptional people

      Dive right in as direct hire

      Begin your career with an entry-level position at Voith, and make a positive impact from the get-go.

      Entry-level jobs at Voith are launch pads for joining exciting projects where you collaborate with exceptional people on exceptional technology. Mentors share insights and help you settle into your new responsibilities.

      An entry-level position at Voith is perfect for you, if you:

      • have just graduated from training, college, or university,
      • have some experience in the field you want to work in,
      • are passionate about technology,
      • are ambitious, driven and authentic,
      • are open, reliable and respectful.

      Empower your future

        Our Global Graduate Program (GGP) offers an 18-month adventure to challenge and inspire you. It gives you a chance to learn from and work with some of the industry's brightest minds. The GGP immerses you in Voith’s culture while you grow your skills on the job and your network, before you take your target position.

        The greatest advantages of the Global Graduate Program at Voith: It gives you a lot of flexibility, opens up a variety of opportunities and you get great support from your mentor.
        Björn Kleigrewe, Project Manager Supply Chain, Rail Division at Voith Turbo, completed the Global Graduate Program in 2016

        The Global Graduate Program in a nutshell

        The journey of each participant through the Global Graduate Program is unique. It is shaped by the target position as much as by the skills, experience and work history you bring to the program.

        • 18-month duration
        • Fixed target position after program completion
        • Openings are announced beginning of the respective year (depending on region)
        • The GGP starts 1 October of each year
        • A total of 3 assignments (2 local, 1 abroad)
        • Support by a mentor, supervisors and Human Resources
        • Compulsory group training plus Integration Days and Final Event for all GGP-participants

        Global graduate program jobs

        The Global Graduate Program in detail

        Who can apply for the GGP

        The Voith’s Global Graduate Program is perfect for you, if you:

        • have an excellent degree in engineering, business administration or IT, preferably with a specialization in one of the GGP focal points,
        • are globally mobile and have the entrepreneurial drive and mindset for business leadership,
        • have gained experience in your chosen field from internships during your studies and/or from working up to 18 months after graduation,
        • have a minimum of 4 months of international work experience,
        • are fluent in English and, preferably, in one additional language.

        As an ideal GGP candidate, you:

        • are curious, ambitious, and open,
        • excel at creative problem-solving as well as analytical and conceptual thinking,
        • are interculturally aware and enjoy working in cross-cultural teams,
        • thrive on new challenges and experiences,
        • can motivate yourself and others.


        3 assignments, 3 departments

        The Global Graduate Program consists of 3 six-month assignments. All assignments interlink but take place in 3 different departments and often in different locations. For each assignment, you will have the support of a supervisor from the department you have been sent to. Your supervisor familiarizes you with day-to-day business and processes in their department.

        One international assignment

        One of the 3 GGP assignments will take you abroad to give you insights into Voith’s global activities.

        Integration and group training

        To ensure a successful immersion into the program, the GGP starts with integration days.  They give GGP participants a chance to get to know each other, to learn about Voith and to participate in a mentoring workshop and team-building activities.

        GGP group training is held at the Voith corporate headquarters in Heidenheim, Germany. This is where you join GGP participants from all over the world for training tailored to deepen your cultural understanding, expand your communication skills, learn how to network and to manage complexity.

        Mentoring and development dialogue

        A mentor is assigned to each GGP participant. The mentor supports the mentee over the entire duration of the Program. As a partner and tutor, the mentor offers guidance and provides insight and orientation.

        Mentors also oversee program planning and discuss both second and third assignments options with their mentee, as well as individual training to ensure a successful and satisfying GGP experience.

        The development dialogue aims to track and document your progress. It includes feedback from each assignment and provides valuable insight into your individual needs for further career development activities.

        GGP participants share their experience

        Competent, motivated and involved – it’s the people that drive our innovation and competitiveness forward.

        Product Management and Sales

        Through the GGP, I get to know all relevant stages of the product life cycle – from design and production to marketing and service.
        Tony Sies, Trainee Global Graduate Program

        Could you tell us about your background?

        I completed my Bachelor’s degree at Konstanz University in industrial/mechanical engineering and followed up with a Master’s degree from Munich Technical University. In my studies, I focused on technology management and entrepreneurship.

        What brought you to Voith?

        I was hoping for a company that manufactures mechanical products – things you can actually touch. Voith is one of the very few to offer a traineeship program in product management for mechanical products.

        What are your GGP assignments?

        For my first assignment, I’m in sales and in development at the head office in Heidenheim. I am devising a new method to improve customer orientation in individual product offers. My second assignment is product-oriented and will take me to North America. There, I will probably work on a production floor to examine synergy effects in plant design. For my final assignment, I’ll go back to Heidenheim to support the service staff by designing a mobile application for efficient maintenance work.

        What opportunities are there for extra training?

        My mentor has signed me up for the Product Management School of Voith. An unusual privilege – normally, this training is limited to experienced product managers. It offers internal lectures on all areas of product management. With this facility, Voith stands out from other employers, because it provides an in-depth, on-the-job insight into specific technical theories.

        Explore GGP openings

        Production and Logistics

        In emerging markets like China, there are entire regions that need an upgraded transportation infrastructure – I like helping to make the world a better place, and the Global Graduate Program gave me an opportunity to do just that.
        Björn Kleigrewe, Project Manager Supply Chain, Rail

        Could you tell us about your background?

        Before I joined Voith, I got my university degree in industrial engineering and interned in the aerospace industry.

        What were your GGP assignments?

        My first assignment was at the plant in Salzgitter. The focus was on supply chain and logistics. I analyzed and optimized the parts-kit process for Scharfenberg couplers, which are used in express trains and subways. They are installed on-site in China, which would have been the location of my second assignment, if things had gone according to plan. Red tape kept me from staying for the full duration of my assignment. My contacts at Voith Turbo stepped in and we found a solution. First, I went to China for three months to witness the installation of the parts kits and to go on-site and see the improved interface communication I had developed put on place. Then, I continued to Australia, to the Voith plant near Sydney, where parts kits for Scharfenberg couplers are installed and overhauled. On my return trip, I dropped in at the China plant to see how the measures I came up with were doing. I spent the last four months of the GGP in Heidenheim working on logistics and processes related to turbo transmissions.

        What did you like best about the GGP at Voith?

        Even though Voith is a successful global corporation with a lot of engineering competence and very attractive, innovative products, it has retained the welcoming and nurturing culture of a family-owned company. And Voith offers the opportunity to actively contribute and shape things.

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        Reach your full potential with Voith

          With our comprehensive career development programs, we help you become the best you can be.

          We will inspire, develop, support and challenge you. Our career development programs are the result of 150 years of rich experience in nurturing talents to unlock their full potential.
          Steffen Besserer, Vice President Corporate HR People Development

          At Voith, we foster a culture of life-long learning, from Voith Academy – our self-service booking platform for continued learning – to fully-fledged leadership programs for new talent, first-time managers and experienced professionals.

          • Training centers in Heidenheim, Germany and Kunshan, China
          • Multiple in-house training programs and schools
          • Supervisors and mentors

          Voith – a global talent factory

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            Our people strive for excellence. They set standards in designing and delivering solutions for our markets, from energy to oil and gas, from raw materials to transport and automotive – all around the world. Join us.

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