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Welcome to the Voith PaperSchool

Thank you for your interest in the free e-learning "Introduction to papermaking". This course has a value of around 1,000 euros and will be freely accessible only for a limited time - take the opportunity to get to know our PaperSchool without any obligation.

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What will you get?

Sneak preview of the course "Introduction to papermaking"

This 20 minute interactive e-learning module includes the following topics:

  • Definition of paper
  • Paper classifications
  • Brief overview of papermaking throughout history
  • Papermaking process

The knowledge gained here serves as the basis for all further trainings in the field of paper technology and paper machines.

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In order to give you access to the learning portal, all we need is your e-mail address. You will receive a link from us that grants you access to the free course "Introduction to papermaking - Level 1 basic training module".