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Bus components service

Voith Service

Bus components service

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As a customer, you will benefit from our years of experience in the development and manufacture of key components for commercial vehicles.

Our service includes maintenance, repair, system updates and spare parts supply. As an OEM, we have examined through original parts maximum safety, longer life and higher value retention. Based on our systems expertise, we guarantee optimum service from a single source.

Service highlight

    OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate - Onboard intelligence for DIWA

    OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate is a software configuration upgrade for your DIWA transmission. This helps you to reduce fuel consumption without the need for a special driver training. Unlike todays configuration that gives the driver full control over the maximum power of the bus. OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate is dynamically limiting the maximal admissible engine torque depending on the actual surrounding parameters.

    Service for DIWA automatic transmissions

      Today, almost all midsize, city and long-distance buses can be fitted with DIWA automatic transmissions. This means state-of-the-art technology for the full range of combustion engines.

      Specially developed for public transit buses, these transmissions are a must-have for economical operation. Outcomes include reduced complexity and less installation effort for the manufacturer, as well as lower fuel consumption and rock-bottom maintenance and service costs for the operator. And not only today, but for the entire service life of the bus.

      Service for retarders

        From 7.5 to 250 tons, Voith has the right retarder for all your trucks and buses. See for yourself.

        It’s not just the brake in action when trucks and buses come to a stop. With Voith retarders, up to 90% of all braking operations can be achieved without any wear. Your brake is always available when the situation gets dicey. The benefits are numerous: More comfort, reduced wear, less time spent in the shop, higher average speeds, and increased transport capabilities. And with up to 80% less brake dust, the environment is happy.

        Service for air compressors

          Energy-efficient on all road types: air compressors with pre-chargers.

          Auxiliary units such as air compressors in trucks and buses contribute significantly to traveling economically while saving the environment at the same time. Only from Voith, two-stage compression with an inter-cooling system results in significantly reduced power uptake during transport operation.

          And your vehicle is much more fuel-efficient. A special system even lowers fuel consumption while idling, without complex decoupling of the compressor.


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