• Annual production capacity 12,000 metric tons • Production of base paper for all denominations, predominantly the new 500 and 2,000 rupee banknotes • Order includes transfer of expertise on producing banknote paper
• Individually tailored service packages • Greater data transparency means more efficient operations on site • Reduced use of resources and better paper quality
• Readily accessible, clearly structured machine Information • Order tracking and integration into customer ERP System simplifies planning and implementation • Perlen Papier and Papierfabrik Palm among the first satisfied customers
• Early detection of problem Areas • Basis for higher machine productivity • Improved tissue Quality
• Guide roll cover suits all types of paper machines • High cover abrasion resistance helps to ensure a constant fabric service life • Low total cost of ownership thanks to stable service life
Kunshan: At 1:55 pm on 13 June 2017, the new XcelLine TM 10 tissue machine in Jiangxi was successfully started up in a new record time.
• Raw material savings of up to 3.5 percent • More bulk and better surface structure
InfiltraDiscfilter HiCon 2.0. A quantum leap in dewatering.
• Cost savings on raw material consumption • Perfect seal for the cleanest wire edge • Suitable for single- and multi-layer machines
• Basis for safe production of Nonwovens • Combination of proven standards for paper and textile machines • Standardization process by ISO initiated
ProSafe from Voith Paper. Because safety comes first.
• Precise removal of surface irregularities • Suitable for all tissue machines • Significant reduction of downtime
• Optimized machine performance • Lower operating costs • Successful installation at Green Bay Packaging
Strong against wear - soft on the paper web
- Constant tissue Quality - Highly wear-resistant, longer lifetime - Excellent compatibility with Yankee cylinders
With EdgeExpert, which trims the edge directly in the headbox stock jet, Voith is now bringing a unique edge trimming concept onto the market.
Efficient papermaking at a new level is ensured by Voith’s XcelLine paper machines, available for every paper grade.
Heidenheim, Vienna. Voith has won Mondi’s Machine Clothing Supplier Award in a competitive process overseen by Beatrix Praeceptor, Procurement Director Mondi Europe & International, and Peter Putz, Operational Director Packaging Paper, Europe & International.
Heidenheim/Gruvön: BillerudKorsnäs has awarded Voith with a fully equipped XcelLine board machine. The machine with a design speed of 1.200 m/min producing liquid packaging board, carton board, food service board and white kraft liner will be one of the largest board machines of its kind.
Forming fabric for board and packaging paper machines
Optimization options for LC cleaners Increase cleaning efficiency to save resources
Heidenheim/Fürstenfeldbruck: In February 2016, the brewery König Ludwig GmbH & Co. KG Schloßbrauerei Kaltenberg in Fürstenfeldbruck started up a completely new returnable glass bottle filling line with a capacity of 45,000 bottles/hour in its existing bottling hall.
Heidenheim, Germany: The family-owned company Gomà-Camps has commissioned Voith with the delivery of the new production line for its Ejea de los Caballeros location in Spain. The production line is designed to sustainably produce high-quality tissue paper. Gomà-Camps is thus continuing its successful strategy as a leading service-oriented provider of high-quality tissue in the south-western Europe markets.
Heidenheim, Germany: Under the name "XcelLine", Voith has improved and refined its paper machines for all paper grades. The machines from the XcelLine offer fast and easy start-up, excellent value for money, pioneering technologies, ease of use and integrated solutions.
Elastomer technology for Press Fabrics
Heidenheim/Schwedt: LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH has contracted Voith to reconstruct its PM11 comprehensively to become its future PM5, as well as a new OCC stock preparation and an extension of the DIP facility in its LEIPA plant in Schwedt. The turnkey project is a further milestone in the partnership between LEIPA and Voith, which has been established over many years.
The CleanWeave range offers dryer fabrics for all applications.
Zhangzhou, China: On July 29, 2016, Liansheng Paper Industry (Longhai) Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Voith in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, for a new packaging paper machine, the PM 9. This move not only takes the cooperation between Liansheng and Voith to a new level, but also strengthens Voith's leading position in the global packaging paper machine market.
São Paulo, Brazil: CMPC has signed a contract with Voith Paper for the supply of a complete VTM 4 double-width tissue machine, which will be installed in the new production facility of its subsidiary Protisa in Cañete, Peru.
São Paulo, Brazil: Paper manufacturers have been able to achieve excellent operating and production results by adopting Voith's Advanced Products for optimizing equipment, fabrics, and Voith Paper's rolls.
With EvoDry steel cylinders, Voith is revolutionizing the paper drying process and facilitating improved papermaking at the highest level of efficiency.
WebDetect -nx detects web breaks reliably. The multi-light sensor uses four light sources in the visible and infrared ranges to detect web breaks.
São Paulo, Brazil: Paper manufacturers have been able to achieve excellent operating and production results by adopting Voith's Advanced Products for optimizing equipment, fabrics, and Voith Paper's rolls.
São Paulo, Brazil: American specialty paper manufacturer Little Rapids Corporation has signed a contract with Voith Paper Brazil to purchase a new tissue paper machine. This new machine will replace the existing PM3, located in Shawano Wisconsin (USA).
Dongguan, China: Voith signed a contract in June 2016 with Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited to provide it with two tissue machines in Dongguan. The move is not only a continuation of the previous successful cooperation between Lee & Man and Voith, but also a consolidation of Voith's strong position in the global tissue machine market.
Chupei, Taiwan: In Taiwan the Cheng Loong TM 16 tissue machine provided by Voith successfully passed its guarantee test recently. Its operating speed is up to 2,001 m/min, which is the fastest speed with a steam hood in the world, leading the industry in several performance indexes.
Heidenheim, Shandong (China): Sun Paper, one of the leading paper makers in China, recently successfully started up its new kraft liner paper machines with an annual capacity of 800,000 metric tons at its location in Zoucheng. The main paper machine, the right-hand machine PM 31 and the left-hand machine PM 32, are both provided by Voith. The PM 31 has successfully started up, marking a milestone in China’s papermaking sector, as it is the first time that two different packaging paper machines have ever been installed in a single workshop.
High-frequency shaking preserves resources
Heidenheim/Kirkniemi. At Sappi Finland Operations Oy in Kirkniemi, Finland, Voith has successfully converted the existing Hedemora disc filter in the stock preparation unit to the latest BaglessPlus filter technology. As the number of discs could be reduced, the disc filter will be well prepared for future increase capacity. The rebuild has also substantially improved the performance of fiber material removal and reduced maintenance costs. Filtrate quality is now more stable due to no more leakage in filter plastic bags.
Heidenheim/Germany. Grigeo Klaipėdos Kartonas AB, a company of the Grigeo Grigiškės group, has commissioned Voith to rebuild the board machine in Klaipeda, western Lithuania. The main goals of the modernization are to increase capacity by 30 % and to improve quality.
New release zone geometry for maximum performance
Production increase thanks to web stabilization and "Clean Design"
At Tissue World New Orleans, Voith offers solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and quality
Innovative dosing technology for higher efficiency
The tensioning devices and guides from Voith ensure smooth operation of the machine at all times.
Utilizes steam vapor fumes from drying paper for heat recovery
New rubber roll covers for film and sizing presses
Up to 70% less fiber loss in the stock preparation
Beijing: Voith today signed a strategic partnership agreement with Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd., one of the largest paper manufacturers in China.
Voith announces the sale of the 100th HydroSeal sealing strip system for suction rolls. Another step up the ladder of success for the sealing strip system after the State of Baden-Württemberg had awarded Voith with its Environmental Technology Prize for the HydroSeal in July.
The market launch of Voith’s UniFilm and UniSize, two rubber roll covers for film and size presses, is the start of a new product series. The wish to offer economic benefits to papermakers played an important role in the development of the Uni series. For example, the development goal for the UniFilm roll cover was to substantially extend the metering rod service life.
Detecting vulnerabilities and making the right decisions
In the last 24 month Voith has already installed 37 of its ProTect systems that enable press felt measurements to be taken safely while the machine is running. Another 32 such systems have been ordered by various customers in Europe and overseas.
Hangzhou Nbond Nonwoven Co., Ltd., in Zhejiang province, China, successfully started up a new flushable wipes production line in April 2015. The new production line is the first one on the Chinese market to utilize the innovative wet-laid spunlacing (WLS) concept of the HydroFormer and AquaJet technology. Only three days after start-up, the operating speed of 200 m/min was reached. “We were completely satisfied by the know-how and experience of Voith and Truetzschler. Thanks to the professional ability and excellent professional dedication of their technicians, the project ran both quickly and smoothly,” said Mr. Zhang Jie, General Manager of Nbond.
With C-bar HerculeX Voith is launching a new screen basket onto the market that is regarded as the strongest screen basket that can withstand very high loads. It is made of wear-resistant material and is suitable for various applications in pre-screening and fine screening, fractionation, broke and thick stock screening and also in the approach flow system.
The new TissueForm ITY forming fabric that Voith has launched on the market is designed for challenging applications in tissue production. It ensures excellent stability and highest dewatering at all machine speeds.
The Archangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill (APPM), the largest producer of packaging papers in Russia, recently put its BM 1 board machine in Archangelsk back into service following an extensive rebuild by Voith. Voith’s scope of supply included the approach flow system, the headbox and a new top wire. The bottom wire was rebuilt by Voith to meet the new requirements.
Scalable. Modular. Smart.
DS Smith, an Italian market leader in containerboard production, has reduced maintenance costs and increased its paper quality and machine productivity thanks to the OnQ Profilmatic control system and OnQ ModuleJet headbox actuators from Voith.
In April, Heinrich August Schoeller Söhne GmbH & Co. KG commissioned Voith with the supply of a complete process line for the manufacture of corrugating medium and testliner for its Schoellershammer paper mill, based in Düren, Germany.
A virtually unbreakable cleaner cone
Voith has launched two new forming fabrics, designed for manufacturing demanding board and packaging papers and also graphic grades. As the names of the MultiForm IR and MultiForm IC suggest, these forming fabrics are part of Voith’s I-Series. All products in this series are based on a unique SSB concept. The special feature of the fabrics in the I-Series is their warp ratio of 3:2.
Voith has successfully completed the modernization of the paper machine PM 6 at BillerudKorsnäs AB in Gruvön, Sweden. As part of the rebuild project, the press section and parts of the dryer section have been modernized. BillerudKorsnäs manufactures on the PM 6 fluting for packaging paper from virgin fibers.
The new PM 5 for light-weight packaging paper at Modern Karton went into operation on time in Corlu, Turkey, in the middle of 2015. The entire process technology – from the stock preparation to the winder, including automation – was delivered by Voith and is characterized by low fresh water and energy consumption.
With the HydroSeal product, Voith has successfully participated in the Environmental Technology Award in Category 3 - Technologies for Emission Reduction, Treatment and Separation. The company came second.
New Screen Basket: Strong. Solid. Stable.
TheWall is a new disperser filling from Voith that was developed to ensure an improved fiber treatment during a long service life. The design of TheWall is innovative and unique. It is made of an especially strong material and used by tissue, newsprint and magazine paper manufacturers as well as board and packaging paper producers. It can be integrated into all current Voith dispersers and in selected dispersers of other manufacturers.
Parenco B.V. has contracted with Voith to deliver the comprehensive rebuild of its stock preparation and PM 2, as well as the facility renovation at Renkum, Netherlands. The project has a completion date of August 2016. The contract followed a 10 month pre-engineering project.
Stable and productive was the performance of the Voith supplied Liansheng BM 8 board machine during the first year at Fujian Liansheng Paper Industry Co., Ltd. in Zhangzhou, Fujian province, China. Convinced by the performance of the Liansheng BM 8, the Vice General Manager of Fujian Liansheng Paper Industry, Xue Rongjun, said, “Voith’s vast technological experience, high system efficiency and low operating costs are quite attractive.”
New system from Voith facilitates static real-time measurement in the roll nip
With Pyrox Voith is launching two new heat-resistant dryer fabrics onto the market. They are part of the CleanWeave family of dryer fabrics and were especially designed for dryer sections with moderately high temperatures. Pyrox fabrics are made from a blend of hydrolysis resistant PPS and abrasion resistant PET materials. Like the entire CleanWeave product family, Pyrox dryer fabrics is produced from SynStron yarn, a material developed by Voith that is especially suited for the challenging conditions of the dryer section.
With DuoCleaner Excell, Voith has developed a cleaning system that optimizes the drainage of the forming fabric and dewatering of the press fabric. Due to its traversing water jets a consistent and uniform cleaning is achieved. This leads to fewer shuts, pinholes and sheet breaks as well as improved runability.
Voith has brought to market a new screen element for the screw press. SplitScreen is the first screen element consisting of a supporting structure and a screen plate, enabling maintenance and inspection time to be significantly reduced compared with conventional cylindrical screen baskets. In addition, investment costs over the lifetime of the screw press are much lower than for conventional screen elements.
Customized and efficient press sleeves from Voith
In the paper industry there is a demand for innovations that reduce operating costs and help conserve resources in the production process. Voith developed its BlueLine range to meet both these requirements. Strong sales in the two years following the market launch of this product range confirm that this approach is appreciated in the industry.
The PM 7 process line commissioned mid-November 2014 at the Miltenberg headquarters of Fripa Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG has achieved the production speed of 2,100 m/min, making it one of the most efficient tissue machines currently operating worldwide.
Voith will have its own stand again this year at Tissue World Barcelona, Spain, to be held from March 17 to 19, 2015. Trade fair visitors will find Voith at stand C 150.
Voith has developed a new rotor, the IntensaRotor R, for pulpers used to process recovered paper. It has been operating successfully for months with industrial customers and has proven that its energy consumption is as much as 20 percent below the usual values. The IntensaRotor R is suitable for installation in existing Voith pulpers as well as in pulpers from other manufacturers.
A suction roll with a SolarFlow polyurethane cover from Voith has had its first maintenance after almost four years. The manufacturer of fine paper that owns the roll has called the running time of exactly 1,438 days between two grinding intervals a potential record-breaker. Suction rolls with other covers would often only manage a quarter of this running time.
With QualiFlex Crest and QualiFlex Crown, Voith has launched a new product portfolio for press sleeve that adapts to the specific paper grades and requirements of individual paper machines. QualiFlex Crest excels with its material properties and reliable performance – with regard to service life as well as to dewatering capacity. QualiFlex Crown goes one step further and achieves maximum performance in severe conditions.
Sensor that measures the tension of wires and press felts precisely
• Long-term diminished market volume for new machines and major rebuilds • Concentration of the paper machine business in Heidenheim and stock preparation in Ravensburg planned • Goal is a lean, customer-focused organization • Planned reduction of approximately 1,000 jobs worldwide
Innovative polyurethane roll cover from Voith
A new process line was successfully put into operation at the Miltenberg paper mill and headquarters of Fripa Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG in the middle of November 2014. The goal of the tissue manufacturer was to maintain a modern and efficient system that is equipped with the latest resource-conserving and energy-saving Voith technology. The NipcoFlex T shoe press had special significance here, as it reduces the need for thermal energy by up to 20% due to the high dry content after the press. At the same time it is ideally suited for production of soft paper and thus meets the high quality requirements of Fripa.
With the SensoTension LC Voith has launched a new sensor on the market that measures and controls the tension of wires and press felts precisely, safely and reliably. The sensors of the new system are suitable for use in the former, press and dryer sections of paper, board and tissue machines.
Preventing pulsations while optimizing energy consumption
Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH in Niklasdorf, Austria, contracted with Voith for the delivery of a SpeedSizer applicator unit and a contactless dryer for the Niklasdorf PM 3. The startup of the rebuild is planned for summer 2015. The contract is the first step in a multi-stage development plan, with the goal of improving the quality and speed of the production line.
With NipSense2, Voith has developed a new analytic system through which the invisible nip conditions of two rolls can be visualized and measured in real time. The system performs corrective calculations of the nip profile and thus contributes to a substantial improvement of the reliability and quality of the paper manufacturing process.
DuoDry CC, the innovative drying concept from Voith, is for the first time successfully in operation. The DuoDry CC is delivered and installed in the Narew PM 5 at Stora Enso in Ostroleka, Poland. The concept impresses with its reduced curl formation caused by the drying process and lowers energy demand by increased runability of the paper machine.
Innovative technology ensures filtrate quality
A new stock preparation system was put into operation in June at the Indian paper manufacturer N. R. Agarwal Industries Ltd. in Sarigam, in the federal state of Gujarat.
With the new InfiltraScrewpress, Voith is launching another product to join its BlueLine range of stock preparation machines, that impresses with its high dewatering performance, improved energy efficiency and low maintenance outlay. As part of Voith’s Compact Dispersion System it has been successfully in operation at a number of paper manufacturing sites.
Moritz J. WEIG GmbH & Co. KG in Mayen, Germany, chose Voith for the rebuild of its third-party disk filter. After a successful startup following the rebuild, significant improvements in filtrate values were recorded, while at the same time maintenance costs are now demonstrably lower. This was achieved by integrating the modern Voith disk filter technology, which includes BaglessPlus disk filter sectors and a new filtrate valve.
Voith has completed an upgrade of the stock preparation at Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions (Newark America) in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, reducing production cost and boosting efficiency in the process. As a result of the upgrades, the facility can now use OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) instead of less contaminated recycled board as a raw material for the production of high quality linerboard. In addition, the upgrade ensures minimal fiber loss during the production process.
Voith has supported Schumacher Packaging GmbH in its quest for more environmentally friendly and effective board production by improving the air system and the dryer section hood of the BM 1 in Schwarzenberg, Germany. “One year after rebuilding the ventilation technology by Voith, we can draw an all-round positive balance. Our hood is now closed completely and in combination with a larger heat recovery we need noticeably less energy,” says Matthias Reh, plant manager at Schumacher Packaging. “We were also able to increase production.”
With NanoGloss, Voith brings a new calender roll cover onto the market that combines two important characteristics: a high level of mechanical stability and a high level of gloss on the paper. In its first field tests, the new cover achieved impressive results with an increase in gloss points. The paper produced with NanoGloss stands out with its high level of gloss and uniform smoothness.
Voith’s new InForce polyurethane roll cover features high stability providing additional void volume with particularly deep and wide grooves for highly loaded positions. This additional benefit will not compromise the wear and abrasion resistance resulting into consistent dewatering during its complete operating cycle.
Voith has brought a new IPV Rotor for virgin pulp onto the market. The new component has already proven itself for some months under mill conditions and shows its strengths here: energy consumption of the new rotor can be up to 30 percent less than that of conventional technologies. This also enables energy costs to be lowered by up to 30,000 euros annually.
Ventilation and refrigeration technology planned and delivered by Voith has been in use since February 2014 at the Bayreuth cheese dairy of the mozzarella producer Bayernland. Richard Schaller, Bayreuth plant manager, says: “The collaboration with Voith in the planning and execution phase met our expectations completely. The system concept and the quality delivered have proven themselves in practice and are making an important contribution to the quality assurance of our products.”
With Jade from the CleanWeave product line, Voith is bringing innovative dryer fabrics onto the market that translate reduced contamination to increased drying capacity due to their special design.
Voith offers a unique system for start and end gluing, the Gecko OneStep, which has now been sold 16 times just in the past two years in combination with a Voith VariFlex winder and two-drum winder technology. Gecko OneStep has also been a successful component in several rebuilds.
Voith has successfully completed the modernization of the pulp drying machine (PDM) at BSC - Bahia Specialty Cellulose, located in Camaçari, state of Bahia. Voith’s solutions were installed in mid-March, during a total machine turnaround that lasted seven days.
Voith and Cheng Loong Corp. signed the tissue machine contract for Cheng Loong TM 16 on July 18, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan. This order continues the successful partnership between the companies Cheng Loong and Voith.
Following a rebuild by Voith, the PM 2 of the Europac Group (Papeles y Cartones de Europa, S.A.) was successfully restarted at its plant in Dueñas in the Spanish Province of Palencia after just 15 days of downtime and seven days of commissioning. This meant that the machine was back in production one day sooner than planned.
The newly developed Kinetic hybrid press felt from Voith differs from conventional press felts through its combination of a woven base structure and a non-woven yarn structure. Its modular design gives paper manufacturers the possibility of fulfilling their requirements for dewatering performance and sheet quality at the same time.
Sun Paper has commissioned Voith with the delivery of three paper machines for production of packaging and graphic paper. The Chinese company is thus relying on Voith’s proven components and modules. This order continues the successful partnership between Sun Paper and Voith.
Board and packaging paper machines need to run at the highest degree of efficiency to be most cost effective. This is where Voith’s proven machines and components come to the fore to ensure a quick start-up. Thus the PM 5, which was put into operation for Stora Enso Narew at the beginning of 2013, was already operated with 100% of its design capacity in the first week. The PM 5 produces testliner and fluting in a basis weight range of 65 – 140 g/m².
In the Chinese province of Guangxi, Asia Pulp & Paper produces high-quality ivory board made of 100% virgin fibers on the BM 1 supplied by Voith. The machine went into operation at the beginning of 2013 and produces since then highest quality board. The production line delivered by Voith is the highest performing board machine for ivory board worldwide, with a wire width of 8,750 mm, a design speed of 1,400 m/min and an annual production capacity of 1,200,000 metric tons.
With Infinity, Voith has developed a completely new generation of endless and seam press fabrics containing a base structure that ensures the fabric will resist compaction during operation. The dewatering performance therefore remains consistently high while maintaining high paper quality.
Griesson - de Beukelaer (GdB) is completely satisfied with the Voith plant ventilation technology that has been installed at its production facility in Polch, Germany. As early as the project planning stage, the focus was on a system that would be as cost-efficient as possible. And this is exactly what Voith has delivered, as GdB confirms:
Paper manufacturers are convinced of BaglessPlus disc filter sectors made of corrugated stainless steel from Voith: Not only does a conversion to the most modern filter technology in the fiber recovery or dewatering process increase capacity and filtrate quality, but it also lowers maintenance costs.
After the installation of NipcoFlex T shoe presses in two tissue lines supplied by Voith, Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Co., Ltd. is completely satisfied with the performance of the two systems: “The shoe presses bring outstanding results”, says QiFeng Wang, Vice General Manager at Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper. “We obtain a dry content after the press that is 5% higher than with conventional technologies. Thus we save 20% of thermal energy in the dryer section.”
The OnV FeltView system developed by Voith enables accurate, continuous and especially safe real-time measurement of press felt moisture and permeability. The OnV FeltView system supports paper manufacturers with both routine operation and troubleshooting, as it makes profile and trend information constantly available.
The new Velocity press fabric Voith has introduced to the market offers impressively quick start-up and features a special yarn system allowing it to consistently maintain its dewatering performance and void volume over the entire operating life.
Bohui Paper is enthusiastic: Since 2013 the Voith supplied BM 3 runs to the complete satisfaction of the Chinese board and paper manufacturer. “After a very fast start-up, we have soon been producing paper of perfect quality. We are very happy to work with Voith, a partner with large technological experience and know-how.”
The unique quality control system portfolio from Voith impresses tissue makers around the world, as it can offer the lowest operating costs in the industry.
With the aim of increasing its board production up to 15% and improving the quality of its products, the largest Brazilian packaging paper manufacturer and exporter, Klabin, has signed a contract with Voith to modernize its PM 9.
The specific focus of Voith Paper’s innovations is that they should be ecological improvements on their predecessors and at the same time offer distinct cost advantages. Only resource-conserving and efficient plants and products will make a company competitive and enable long-term, sustainable production.
The NipcoFlex shoe press technology from Voith is a worldwide market success. Voith has now, for the 500th time, been able to support its customers with this press concept.
Voith expands the market share for resident mill service in Spain by launching a new project. After years of close cooperation Papel Aralar S.A., located in Amezketa (Guipuzcóa) in the northern part of Spain, has decided to outsource the mill maintenance to Voith. The decision was based on the trust built up between the companies over the years. With this five years Residence Service contract Voith is taking full responsibility for the entire maintenance operation.
PT Sun Paper Source in Sukoanyar, Indonesia, has successfully put into operation its new VTM 1, a tissue machine from Voith. The operating speed of 1,600 m/min was reached three days after start-up.
UPM has chosen Voith to supply the labelling materials production line at the UPM Changshu mill in China. The agreement covers the main machinery and finishing equipment for the new machine. With the investment, UPM is strengthening its leading global position in labelling materials.
• The full Pluralis Line fillings now available • More than 1,000 Pluralis fillings sold since 2006 • Clearly increased strength values and energy savings of up to 30% possible
Paper manufacturer Papierfabrik August Koehler SE in Oberkirch, Germany, has chosen Voith to rebuild the press and dryer section of its PM 5. With the rebuild to ropeless threading in the pre- and after-dryer section, safety for the operators is decisively improved and shorter threading times are also achieved. The efficiency of the paper machine is thus increased.
HEIDENHEIM/GERMANY. Dr. Hans-Peter Sollinger, Member of the Cor-porate Board of Management of Voith GmbH and Chairman of the Management Board of Voith Paper, will be leaving Voith on July 1, 2014 after serving the company for 32 years.
Voith has concluded the sale of a NipcoFlex T shoe press to SCA, one of the world's largest tissue paper manufacturers. The new shoe press will be installed in the PM 3, located in SCAs plant in San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexico, and will allow the machine to achieve average energy savings of 3%, including steam, electricity and gas. The start-up is expected to be carried out in April 2014.
The Indian paper manufacturer Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) has again chosen Voith, as a competent partner for board and packaging paper production, to deliver its new BM 4 board machine in order to expand its existing product portfolio. TNPL has worked with Voith in the past, having already installed two Voith paper machines with which it is thoroughly satisfied.
Europac Papeles y Cartones de Europa S.A. ordered a SpeedSizer applicator unit for the PM 2 of its Duen͂as mill. Start-up of the rebuild is scheduled to be in May 2014. Thus, PM 2 will be able to not only produce normal, but also white coated testliner in the future.
Two Spanish paper mills already rely on Voith’s services – now Voith has signed a 5 year service contract with Papelera del Principado S.A. - Paprinsa. Voith will supply the mill maintenance services for the Paprinsa mill, located in Mollerussa (Lleida) in the northern part of Spain. With this 5 year performance maintenance agreement Voith will establish and manage all maintenance systems, processes and procedures in the mill.
Thanks to the installation of a Voith DuoShake at the PM 6 of Stora Enso´s Oulu mill, Northern Finland, in August 2013 the Ambertec value was improved significantly for the production of paper with a basis weight of 250 g/m². Stora Enso places high quality demands on the paper grades produced in Oulu and wanted to improve the paper quality. After start-up and optimization of DuoShake, however, the expectations were exceeded by far.
Voith replaced the hood roof and the hood side walls of the PM 4 at the August Koehler SE paper mill in Oberkirch, Germany, and thus facilitated an energy-efficient operation of dryer section and heat recovery.


Gudrun Köpf

Global Market Communication Manager Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA