reflect | 2017-07-03
“Papermaking. Next Level” will rely on the precise networking of know-how, processes and communication between machines. Bertram Staudenmaier, CEO of Voith Paper, explains why.
reflect | 2017-07-03
How to cut and achieve optimal stabilization of the web edge? With the newly launched EdgeExpert by Voith. It is the cutting-edge standard for sustainability and effi ciency.
reflect | 2016-07-27
A very special industry gathering took place in Hamburg at the end of June. Under the banner “Transformance - Papermaking 4.0”, Voith Paper had invited customers from all over the world to come together to discuss the future of the paper industry.
reflect | 2015-06-11
Two generations of the Raskin family from California have already made their mark on software and hardware development at Apple and Google. But the family also has another major passion: the development of building blocks.
reflect | 2015-04-27
Paper has many facets and can also be put to a wide range of fascinating uses. So it is no surprise that young US entrepreneur Alex Henige wants to use paper in his quest to revolutionize the packaging industry.
reflect | 2014-12-16
Japanese architect Shigeru Ban creates buildings out of cardboard tubes. He builds homes, schools and even churches from this unusual construction material. For more than 20 years he has been undertaking humanitarian work in disaster zones by building...
reflect | 2014-11-21
In Bavaria, the traditional Dirndl dress is not an uncommon sight. Yet if you take a closer look at the Dirndl on display in the Gmund paper mill’s exhibition hall, you will notice that this garment, meticulously created down to the finest detail, is...
reflect | 2014-08-27
Paper is well known for its information and packaging uses, but it can do so much more: paper can promote health and even save lives. Just how this is possible is outlined in the following story.
reflect | 2014-07-30
Lighter, more environmentally friendly and easy to recycle:The first recyclable paper bottle was developed in California, USA. The carbon footprint of the various paper bottles is up to 67% less than that of conventional glass bottles.
reflect | 2014-06-25
Paper made from dung can be a profitable business or an aid to wildlife conservation. In various parts of the world, pre-industrial techniques are being used to produce paper from the droppings of large herbivores. It all started in 2001 in Thailand,...
reflect | 2014-04-22
A house made of newspaper: In the spring of 1922, Elis F. Stenman, a Swede who had migrated to the USA, decided to build a summerhouse in the vicinity of Boston. After he had the basic frame, floor and roof made of wood he came up with the idea of...
reflect | 2014-03-17
Just under two years ago, the pilot tissue machine at the Voith Paper Innovation Center in São Paulo was put into operation. The machine had been completely renewed in a large rebuild and is now available again to the customers of Voith Paper for tests.