New Plants | 2017-02-27
Last December, the new PM 6 packaging paper machine went into operation at Schoellershammer in Düren, Germany. It is designed to produce light corrugated base board. Voith supplied the paper machine including stock preparation unit, machine control system and clothing. In January, Schoellershammer was already able to produce 10,000 metric tons of marketable paper.
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Products | 2017-03-30
With TheWall, Voith has developed a disperser filling that makes it possible to treat fibers more efficiently. The Varel paper and board plant has been using the filling since May 2016. Hartmut Langner, paper production foreman at Varel, explains why the company was looking for an alternative to the previously used disperser filling and why the decision was made to go with TheWall from the Voith product portfolio.
New Tech | 2017-04-04
Heidenheim: Digitization has long since become a fundamental component of machine and plant engineering. And Voith is leading by example. Whether for existing or new paper machines, ‘our digital platform concept stabilizes and optimizes processes, reduces costs and improves quality,’ says Dr. Christian Naydowski, Vice President Integrated Solutions at Voith Digital Solutions.
Panorama | 2016-07-27
A very special industry gathering took place in Hamburg at the end of June. Under the banner “Transformance - Papermaking 4.0”, Voith Paper had invited customers from all over the world to come together to discuss the future of the paper industry.
Rebuilds | 2016-06-22
The packaging paper manufacturer Smurfit Kappa extensively modernized one of its paper machines in the Dutch city of Roermond. The rebuild of the 40-year-old PM 1 was designed to increase machine speed cost-efficiently to enable more economical production of testliner and corrugating medium. Not only did the rebuild project have to keep to a tight schedule, it also had to be managed in difficult working conditions, due to the limited space available at the site.
Rebuilds | 2015-12-08
Papermaker Parenco will have its former graphic paper machine at its paper mill in Renkum, the Netherlands, rebuilt by Voith, which will enable it to produce 385,000 metric tons of packaging paper per year. This was previously announced in June 2015. The grade conversion will be carried out on the PM 2, which was decommissioned in 2009. A pre-engineering project conducted by Voith for Parenco preceded the decision to go ahead with the rebuild.
Rebuilds | 2015-12-03
Voith completed the rebuild of Holmen Paper’s PM 53 in Braviken, Sweden, from newsprint to magazine papers and successfully commissioned the modified machine. Since the upgrade, Holmen Paper has been producing its newly developed SC paper Holmen UNIQ on the PM 53.
New Plants | 2015-10-26
Board and packaging paper manufacturer Modern Karton has started production with its new PM 5 paper machine. The new machine allows the company to substantially increase its annual capacity in corrugating medium and testliner from 630,000 metric tons to around 1.1 million metric tons at its production facility in Çorlu, Turkey. The complete production line was supplied by Voith, with commissioning going exactly according to schedule in the first days of June.
Products | 2015-10-26
Everybody is talking about Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things is the focus for engineers and the media. With its Papermaking 4.0 concept, Voith has ushered in the future for the paper industry and has developed products for the digital factory that allow every papermaker to customize their approach to the digital future. The concept is based on Voith's ComCore automation platform.
New Tech | 2015-10-06
EvoStretch is Voith’s new spreader roll for the paper industry. The roll features a bearing that is offered exclusively by Voith. In this interview, Thomas Holzer and Thomas Weisshappl explain the special features and benefits of the EvoStretch spreader roll.
New Tech | 2015-09-11
Industry 4.0, Big Data or the Internet of Things – the networking of processes and communication between machines – are what will shape the future. Digital advances are making it possible, especially a powerful and widely accessible Internet. Voith has not only ventured a look into the future but is already offering specific solutions that are making “Papermaking 4.0” a reality today.
Products | 2015-08-19
Screening plays a key role in the preparation of recovered paper, as it not only removes coarse contaminants but also small and very fine impurities. Papermakers expect low fiber losses, low energy consumption and effective removal of stickies. The BlueLine product range for stock preparation has been developed to meet these requirements. The latest product from the BlueLine family is the C-bar HerculeX screen basket.
Products | 2015-07-06
Compared with cast iron cylinders, steel cylinders offer impressive features like higher thermal conductivity and greater material strength. These and other benefits mean that it makes good sense to install steel cylinders when upgrading dryer sections. Recently, WEIG-Karton also opted to install EvoDry steel cylinders at its plant in Mayen, Germany.
Products | 2015-06-19
The main functions of a dispersing system are to dewater and to heat the pulp suspension, to separate and to break down contaminants. For paper makers it is important that the required product quality is achieved with low energy consumption, gentle treatment of fibers and low maintenance of machines. Voith’s Compact Dispersion System meets these requirements using three efficient machines.
Service | 2015-06-16
Maintenance of rolls and roll covers was the focus of a recent Voith customer workshop in Laakirchen, Austria. Managers and experts from the paper industry in Austria, Germany and Switzerland took part in the event.
Products | 2015-06-10
The demand on the suction roll nip of a tissue machine is daunting: it is required to provide the best possible and consistent dewatering, on-spec tissue quality with the lowest CD moisture profile deviation from start-up to felt change, all at the lowest possible energy consumption. Using state-of-the-art technology these demands are being better fulfilled than ever before. The combination of an innovative sealing strip system within the suction pressure roll, a polyurethane roll cover on suction and press roll shells and the latest generation of high performance press felts is breaking new ground in performance. Starting from inside the roll and moving out, Voith presents the trio of HydroSeal, SolarSoft and Evolution.
Panorama | 2015-06-11
Two generations of the Raskin family from California have already made their mark on software and hardware development at Apple and Google. But the family also has another major passion: the development of building blocks.
Rebuilds | 2015-06-02
The VariFlex winder from Voith has been developed to be an all-rounder. With two recent installations, it has once again demonstrated its versatility in two paper mills a great distance apart, in Turkey and France. At both locations, the winder was retrofitted in as part of an upgrade. In France, it is used for light to mid-weight corrugating medium and in Turkey for heavy coated board grades.
Panorama | 2015-04-27
Paper has many facets and can also be put to a wide range of fascinating uses. So it is no surprise that young US entrepreneur Alex Henige wants to use paper in his quest to revolutionize the packaging industry.
Products | 2015-04-07
Nonwovens are found virtually everywhere. They are made from different raw materials and used in a diverse range of applications as insulating materials, filters or sticking plasters. Nonwovens are also used for wet wipes. They have the benefit of being biodegradable and are produced from cellulose fibers. The technology used to manufacture them is from Voith and Trützschler Nonwovens.
Products | 2015-02-19
Paper manufacturer UPM is using Voith’s FlowJec dosing system at its mill in Augsburg. After six months in operation the results are impressive. Fresh water consumption dropped by 350 m3 per day, while the post-dilution stage could be eliminated completely. Thanks to savings in water, wastewater and energy costs alone, FlowJec has paid for itself within a very short period.
Service | 2015-04-24
With the DryMax package, Voith offers an integrated approach to problem solving in the dryer section. DryMax packages are tailored specifically towards our customer´s productivity and cost saving target or their need to overcome a specific problem. Very often problems in the paper making process are not solved by simple adjustments to a single product. It is necessary to drill down to the root cause, identifying the right products or services which will do the job. DryMax was able to help improve specific 2σ CMD moisture at Indonesian paper manufacturer Pindo Deli.
New Plants | 2015-03-17
Voith Meri Environmental Solutions, Inc. is helping to set higher standards for wastewater treatment with the addition of the Effluent Treatment Plant at Lib-erty Paper Incorporated in Becker, Minnesota. After more than two years in operation, the effluent treatment plant has proven to be robust and efficient since the start-up and processes an average of 9,700 kg COD per day.
Products | 2015-02-03
Voith’s NipcoFlex T shoe press is well on the way to becoming a recipe for success. The latest version was installed for the first time in the UK in 2010. To date, 18 NipcoFlex T shoe presses have been sold in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Tissue paper manufacturers have been impressed by its energy efficiency, enhanced performance and ease of use.
Panorama | 2015-02-27
Izhar Gafni has built a bicycle out of cardboard that does not use any metal at all but is as stable as a conventional bike. Once he came up with the idea of building a bike entirely out of cardboard he became obsessed with it. Gafni spent more than four years tinkering in his garden shed until his prototype was roadworthy.
Products | 2015-02-13
Some weeks ago, Voith has received the order for the 1000 Infinity press felt. The new press felt concept with a laminated structure is well received in paper industry because it provides excellent drainage and maintains resiliency throughout operation to maintain desired dewatering characteristics. Infinity press felts are currently available to all board, packaging and graphic paper grades. Over the next two years, Infinity felts for special papers, tissue and pulp will be coming onto the market.
Panorama | 2014-12-16
Japanese architect Shigeru Ban creates buildings out of cardboard tubes. He builds homes, schools and even churches from this unusual construction material. For more than 20 years he has been undertaking humanitarian work in disaster zones by building emergency accommodation made of cardboard. In June 2014, Shigeru Ban was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize.
Panorama | 2014-11-21
In Bavaria, the traditional Dirndl dress is not an uncommon sight. Yet if you take a closer look at the Dirndl on display in the Gmund paper mill’s exhibition hall, you will notice that this garment, meticulously created down to the finest detail, is something unique. The Dirndl is not made from cotton or linen but consists entirely of paper, or to be more precise, of superfine premium paper from Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund.
Products | 2014-11-06
Voith has brought a new roll cover onto the market. InForce is the product name of the innovative polyurethane cover for the press. It is a further development of the acclaimed solid G2000 roll cover. Equipped with the proven features of its predecessor, InForce, however, is even harder and more abrasion-resistant which makes new surface dimensions possible.
New Tech | 2014-10-22
Two innovative technologies are allowing Propapier in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany, to optimize their sizer and roll covers and at the same time improve paper quality. As a result, the cost and effort for future maintenance work could also be substantially reduced.
Products | 2014-10-16
In Kaipola, Finland, Voith has been manufacturing roll covers from cotton for four years. What began as a small manufacturing operation for the domestic market in Finnland has quickly developed into an international success story. Paper manufacturers all over the world have been using the roll covers from Kaipola. In September this year the 500th cotton roll cover was delivered by Voith.
New Tech | 2014-09-18
A roll cover for calenders that could give paper a high level of gloss but also be highly rugged, was until recently nothing but wishful thinking. However, NanoGloss, the new calender roll cover from Voith, combines both characteristics: it has a high level of mechanical stability and gives the paper gloss. At Perlen Papier in Switzerland, NanoGloss has already proven its qualities in continuous operation.
New Tech | 2014-09-17
Voith has brought a new rotor for its IntensaPulper onto the market, the IPV Rotor. It is in the LowEnergy rotor product line and has been specifically developed for dissolving pulp and all other clean raw materials. The new component has already proven itself under mill conditions and shows its strengths here: energy consumption of the IPV Rotor can be 30% less than that of conventional technologies. The IPV Rotor can be used both in the new IntensaPulper as well as in existing pulpers.
Rebuilds | 2014-09-04
An upgrade at Papierfabrik Palm’s Eltmann mill in Germany has transformed its deinking plant into a state-of-the-art facility. The rebuild of the stock preparation unit, which took just six days, was carried out by Voith in the month of April. It allowed Palm to substantially improve the efficiency of the facility. In the flotation section alone, electricity consumption per metric ton paper produced fell from 60 to 35 kW hours.
Panorama | 2014-08-27
Paper is well known for its information and packaging uses, but it can do so much more: paper can promote health and even save lives. Just how this is possible is outlined in the following story.
New Tech | 2014-08-12
Voith Gecko OneStep is a unique system for start and end gluing on the winder. 16 gluing machines, with a Voith VariFlex winder using two-drum technology, have been sold in the past three years and also been successfully used in several rebuilds. Along with start and end gluing, Gecko OneStep also provides for perforation of the paper web.
Panorama | 2014-07-30
Lighter, more environmentally friendly and easy to recycle:The first recyclable paper bottle was developed in California, USA. The carbon footprint of the various paper bottles is up to 67% less than that of conventional glass bottles.
Products | 2014-07-16
With the NDuraPlate B screen plate for pulpers, Voith has positioned a product on the market that markedly increases pulping efficiency thanks to its special design. A paper manufacturer that has used the NDuraPlate B for nearly two years is impressed by its advantages.
New Tech | 2014-06-11
Two years of development have gone into Voith’s EdgeSaver. The innovative edge cutting technology was designed for multi-layer Fourdrinier paper machines. It optimizes pulp use, improves paper quality and ensures a clean wire edge. The results coming in from the first industrial customers are convincing: thanks to EdgeSaver, paper manufacturers are enjoying fiber savings amounting to around 300,000 euros per year.
New Plants | 2014-06-25
The Guangxi BM 1, a board machine at Asia Pulp & Paper, has proven its strength for more than a year. It sets new benchmarks in multiple respects: It is equipped with a Triple NipcoFlex press and its annual production capacity is 1,200,000 metric tons of board. Voith delivered the production line and took over responsibility for the entire process.
Panorama | 2014-06-25
Paper made from dung can be a profitable business or an aid to wildlife conservation. In various parts of the world, pre-industrial techniques are being used to produce paper from the droppings of large herbivores. It all started in 2001 in Thailand, where there is traditionally no shortage of elephant dung.
New Tech | 2014-06-11
The new FlowJec dosing system from Voith has been in use at Smurfit Kappa Zülpich Papier for nearly three years. Measurements during this period confirm the capability of the system. It was demonstrated that the number of breaks decreased on average by 3.5 per week and also that 11,000 m3 less fresh water per year is now consumed than previously. The use of retention agent has noticeably decreased – due to that alone the investment at Smurfit Kappa was amortized within one year.
New Tech | 2014-05-26
Voith has updated its screening machine product portfolio. Voith’s new IntegraScreen product is a machine type with modularized components for all applications in stock preparation and broke screening and features improved fiber recovery in the final stage. Two applications from the new IntegraScreen range are in use in the industry for more than a year. The new IntegraScreen screening machines are part of Voith’s BlueLine product range.
New Plants | 2014-06-04
The Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Company in the Chinese province of Henan has had a successful first year of operation from its two identical production lines for tissue paper. The systems both have a special feature – their Voith NipcoFlex T shoe presses. They increase the dry content after the press section and lower energy consumption by 20% in the dryer section. The company operating them is completely satisfied with the performance of both systems.
New Plants | 2014-05-20
Every paper manufacturer wishes that its new system will achieve good performance after a successful startup. This happened exactly when Bohui Paper’s BM 3 was commissioned. The board machine’s starting curve and efficiency were very good from the beginning. In addition, the product, a quadruple-coated ivory board, conquered the market within a short time.
New Tech | 2014-05-15
Seamed press fabrics matched the operational performance of continuous press fabrics long ago and in addition have a decisive advantage: they can be installed on the paper machine much more easily and reliably than continuous felts. As they were not available for all paper grades initially, Voith consistently pursued the goal of closing this gap in the product portfolio over the following years. Voith successfully can supply seamed press fabrics for security paper machines.
Products | 2014-05-07
The word Terra is from Latin and means “earth” or “land.” At Voith, Terra is the name for a line of roll and cylinder coatings that are extraordinarily wear and corrosion resistant. Practical experience has shown that the running times of Voith Terra coatings are far longer than those of conventional coatings.
Rebuilds | 2014-04-15
Pulping drums pulp the recovered paper, which plays a valuable role in paper manufacturing and remove coarse contaminants from the pulp. In the course of this process, a minimum of paper fibers and a maximum of contaminants should be discharged. IntensaDrum, a new pulping drum from Voith, has been in use in the paper industry since last year, achieving markedly better results than comparable legacy technologies. IntensaDrum pulping drums are part of Voith’s BlueLine product line.
Panorama | 2014-04-22
A house made of newspaper: In the spring of 1922, Elis F. Stenman, a Swede who had migrated to the USA, decided to build a summerhouse in the vicinity of Boston. After he had the basic frame, floor and roof made of wood he came up with the idea of using a rather unconventional material for most of the house, and began to ask his friends and neighbors for their old newspapers.
New Tech | 2014-04-07
The first dryer fabrics from the new CleanWeave product family have proven themselves in their industrial applications. In the past year, Voith has launched two dryer fabrics under the Evaporite product line. Practical experience has since shown that they clearly improve drying and machine efficiency when compared to conventional fabrics.
Products | 2014-04-04
A key factor for paper quality is the refining of the pulp, but not every raw material should be measured by the same yardstick – or rather, by the same refiner filling. Against this background, Voith has developed an entire product line of refiner fillings to meet the requirements of nearly every raw material. Its name certainly sets its claim to this plurality: Pluralis.
New Plants | 2014-03-14
Last year saw Wausau Paper start up a new tissue machine with the resource-saving ATMOS technology at its plant in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The new double width machine is designed for an annual production of 70,000 metric tons of paper and can produce both high-quality premium and standard tissue papers.
Products | 2014-03-14
Voith recently launched two innovative products for suction rolls on the market: the HydroSeal sealing strip system and TrackLight, an end deckle positioning system. Even as it was being launched on the market, TrackLight was already impressing customers, with multiple orders being placed right away. Seventeen suction rolls have already been optimized to the latest technology with HydroSeal, only ten months after the launch. Not surprising, if you know that a paper manufacturer can save 100,000 euros every year thanks to HydroSeal.
Rebuilds | 2014-03-13
At Hadera Paper, a DuoFormer D II with a short pre-dewatering section has proved itself over several months with excellent results. The Voith former was installed as part of a rebuild and has noticeably improved the sheet forming with a shorter pre-dewatering zone.
Panorama | 2014-03-17
Just under two years ago, the pilot tissue machine at the Voith Paper Innovation Center in São Paulo was put into operation. The machine had been completely renewed in a large rebuild and is now available again to the customers of Voith Paper for tests. The pilot machine impresses not just because of its large capacity but also because conventional paper as well as high-quality premium paper can be produced on it.