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Voith Automation is HyCon 

Voith automation is a tailor-made product to meet individual demands. We offer hydro automation from a single source to ensure complete service and seamless availability for your hydropower plant and all its components and systems.

For best-in-class automation system design, it is crucial to have:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all plant equipment and processes
  • Excellent engineering expertise and experience
  • Seamless integration of all plant systems and plant-related functions.

Our mission - the optimized, integrated overall system

  • We plan, build, install and commission complete automation systems for hydropower plants of any type and size.
  • We optimize the overall system to achieve highest availability and efficiency at the best cost.

We unite seemingly contradictory requirements

  • Safety and availability
  • Longevity and adaptability
  • Proven solutions and cutting-edge technology
  • Standard and flexibility

Selected references