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Paper manufacturers are confronted by many challenges. Continuously rising operating costs have a negative impact on the productivity of their plants. Increasing energy costs and higher prices for fresh water are further problem factors. In addition, a keenly contested market for wood fiber and waste puts a question mark on the future availability of raw materials.

As technological leaders we continuously develop new products and services to support our customers in managing these challenges. With our resource-sparing new developments we make a positive contribution to the environment and thus ensure the sustainable success of our customers.
Voith Paper combines knowledge and experience for highly efficient paper mills, offering top performance in every sector and for every paper grade.

A large percentage of the costs for fiber, energy and fresh water arise during the stock preparation stage. Consequently, the potential for savings is particularly high in this field. In addition, the stock preparation process has a decisive influence on the paper quality and the operation of the paper machine.

Voith Paper has the know-how and engineering experience to provide highly advanced technologies for the stock preparation of primary and secondary fibers. We have been offering pioneering solutions for many decades to meet the high requirements of our customers on fiber quality.


High productivity of the paper machine and continuously assured high paper quality are major prerequisites for economical paper production and the smooth further processing of the paper. In order to ensure both, we regard all process stages of the paper machine as an entity. Resource-saving and efficient production is only possible if all components used within the manufacturing process are technically perfected and if sub-processes are aligned to each other.

This applies both to new paper machines and to rebuilds of individual sections. Whenever a new paper mill is designed, we take all influencing factors into account right from the start, in order to achieve optimum economic and ecological results.

Voith Papierrollen

Voith develops and implements comprehensive automation solutions for the entire paper production process from preparation of the raw material to the end product, perfectly tuned to your requirements. This results in a highly integrated system architecture on a uniform platform. It combines the machine control system, process control system, quality control system, motors and drive control system with a universal and open automation system. Voith Automation solutions make a vital contribution to a continuously high paper quality and productivity of paper production lines.

Voith-Mitarbeiter am Pult

Paper machine clothing, press sleeves, rolls and roll covers play an important role in the paper making process. They have a decisive impact on the operation of the machine and are vital for good paper quality. Due to lower wear they contribute to reduced production costs.

The optimized interaction between clothing, press sleeves, roll and roll cover, including doctoring is therefore one of our priorities. As a result, the productivity of the paper machine and the paper quality can be improved or kept at a permanently high level.


It is a continuous challenge to achieve high paper quality throughout the service life of a paper machine and at the same time to ensure high system availability. Especially since ambient and raw material conditions as well as the requirements for paper quality are permanently changing. Preventative maintenance and continuous optimization are thus increasingly gaining in importance.

Service experts from Voith support our customers in facing this challenge: from product services to optimizations of entire production lines. Voith customers benefit from high service quality, reliable production processes and reduced maintenance costs. With our worldwide network of service locations, we are always close to our customers.


The intelligent use of resources like raw materials, water and energy are often as challenging to modern production facilities as the production process itself. Voith Paper provides technologies for the efficient handling of raw materials, the optimal integration of subsystems for water, sludge and rejects, the utilization of residual materials and waste water (effluent) for producing energy as well as the recirculation of clarified effluent.