SkySeal Plus

SkySeal Plus

Advanced technology for the dryer section

SkySeal Plus is a highly efficient sealing strip especially developed for the demanding positions in Voith dryer section stabilizers. SkySeal Plus contributes to enhanced paper quality and machine runability.

Utilizing a unique non-abrasive material, SkySeal Plus offers superior protection against abrasion and deformation. The improved memory effect ensures that SkySeal Plus will retain its original form and provide constant performance throughout the lifetime of the blade. The excellent sealing effect of SkySeal Plus reduces the overall energy consumption. In addition to improved mechanical properties, SkySeal Plus has been designed to provide trouble free handling. The ease of installation reduces the necessary time for machine maintenance.

SkySeal Plus is available for all Voith stabilizers equipped with MultiSeal Technology. It is standard for newly built stabilizers, and therefore a part of any O.E.M. delivery.