Wind Energy

Mobilizing all Energies.

Innovative Solutions for Conventional and Regenerative Power Generation.

Aufbau eines Antriebsstrangs
The WinDrive converts variable speeds into constant output speeds for the generator.

About wind and other forces.

The wind turbine is rotating majestically. The driveline of the wind power station is located in the gondola, also referred to as 'nacelle.' At the heart of this system is the WinDrive. It is just one of many innovative Voith solutions for energy generation.

High grid feeding quality.

At an altitude of 80 meters the wind blows fairly evenly. The higher the steadier, so they say. But still: the wind is unpredictable. It can be strong at times and then again weak. This is where the intelligent concept of the WinDrive comes in. It converts the varying speed of the wind rotor into a constant speed for the generator.

Energy generation is an international business. The demand for the WinDrive is high. Because the wind always blows – currently especially in China.